Indian Country politics and public policy

Commentary by Mark Trahant

Updated chart: She Represents


The Native Media Universe

When Indian Country Today went dark, several of us thought it would be good to know what’s out there. This is a map of Native American radio stations, podcasts, news web sites, and more. Please ping me if you see something that’s missing.


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Fusion table 

A friend writes: “Where’s your charts?”

It’s time. #NativeVote18 Candidates for Congress

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Link to fusion tables:


History of federal spending in Indian Country (Spreadsheets)

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Thirty years: Agencies from 1977 – 2017

Working. Native American women running for national office.

Another spreadsheet. (And, yes, please help me complete the picture …)

There has never been an American Indian or Alaska Native woman elected to Congress. By my count: At least eight women have run … Jeanne Givens (Idaho), Ada Deer (Wisconsin), Kalyn Free (Oklahoma), Diane Benson (Alaska), Mary Kim Titla (Arizona, Rep. Wenona Benally (Arizona), Victoria Steele (Arizona) and Denise Juneau (Montana).

Updated to include vice presidential candidates (President of the Senate) Winona LaDuke and LaDonna Harris

Who have I missed? Any thoughts? Working on a graphic and a story. #DisruptIndianCountry


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DRAFT / elected Native legislators

A little help, please. I need sharp eyes. I’ve updated my list of Native American legislators and now that sessions are going on I am planning on writing a few pieces.
So … please take a look. Who’s missing? Any other corrections? Tribal affiliations?
Thank you. (I am itching to build a new map)



Spreadsheet of Native Americans elected to state legislatures.












Spreadsheet via Google Fusion tables

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Note: Fusion tables are cool. There are three tabs. The first is a spread sheet, second is note cards, and tab three is the interactive map. Here is the link:



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Link for the interactive version of this graphic. (Way cooler than just the picture.)

Spreadsheet as of Sept. 1, 2016

Native American Republicans

State by state percentages (early draft)











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State profiles:

Montana’s Native candidates for legislature, Congress

The Montana Dozen.  (Updated with results of primary election)

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 6.57.44 AM

Native candidates in OklahomaScreen Shot 2016-06-30 at 2.33.31 PM.png


Tribal leaders list

Source: Bureau of Indian Affairs


How much? A history of BIA spending

My goal is to add together all federal programs and build this into a graphic chart of some kind.





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