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Commentary by Mark Trahant

I have been working on #NativeVote18 lists … folks running for state legislatures (55 and counting, 25 women and 30 men). I have also been working on a list of Native American women who have run for state wide offices and Congress. Fascinating stuff. (I was thinking of a trivia game I could post.) There have been four candidates for governor, three for Lt. Gov., and 12 for Congress. First statewide race that I have found, 1978. Cool stuff. #SheRepresents Will post this soon. I want to make a graphic.

Here is the #NativeVote18 state legislature list. Who’s missing?

One thing I should mention: Google has changed the way you can access pictures and it no longer is compatible with fusion tables. So I am looking for a solution or a new spreadsheet system. #Transparency

3 thoughts on “Data day. Working on #NativeVote18 #SheRepresents spreedsheets

  1. Sharon says:

    Thank you for this work. Have sent to others — esp. the pyramidal graphic that impacts so directly. When your ducks are in a row, are you considering a full article for publication?

    1. Mark Trahant says:

      That’s the plan, yes. I wrote this piece last year. (And I already have a lot more research for the next piece.)

      1. Bill says:

        Henry John Bear, Tribal Member Representing the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians in the Maine House of Representatives, and a member of the Maine Green Independent Party, is a Green candidate for U.S. House Representative to Maine’s Second Congressional District, challenging incumbent Congressman Bruce Poliquin, R-Maine.

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