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I finished the draft of my #NativeVote18 databases.
I have two. The first is Native candidates for Congress and statewide offices. I am stunned: There are fifteen people on this list, 7 Ds, 5 Rs, 2 Greens and 1 Independent. A candidate for governor and two Lt. Govs.

I am using Google fusion tabs — one is a spreadsheet, note cards, and a map.…

So who am I missing?

Second list is candidates for state legislatures. There are retirements and term limited members who I have dropped … and a few newcomers. Total so far 46.

I know this is not all. And a few folks have yet to announce.…

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2 thoughts on “Draft day: Working databases of #NativeVote18 national candidates

  1. Robert jackson says:

    Ballotpedia has an interesting database. Can they be approached to set up indian country database or provide a seperate database using their software. Some programs are open source. Using wikipedia is open source software .robert jackson

    1. Mark Trahant says:

      I use Ballotpedia all the time, but they don’t track candidates the same way I do. Most of the folks who do comprehensive studies cite my database — so my best bet is improving it as much as I can.

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