This week Congress will either do its job … or all hell will break loose

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Congress is back today and one of two things will happen: It will either do its work or all hell will break loose.

Crazy thing is Hurricanes Harvey and Irma could help Congress stay on task. The federal reaction will be costly and money will need to be appropriated. On top of that, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says Congress should tie Harvey funding to an increase in the debt limit. Conservatives don’t like that idea at all. But are there enough Republicans (along with Democrats) to make it happen anyway.

The agenda is a tough one: Federal spending must be set by September 30 and we could hit the debt limit sooner rather than later (because of all that emergency spending). My recent post on the potential of a shutdown. 

The Associated Press reports Rep. Tom Cole, R-Oklahoma, saying, “People need to know there’s some stability here. We’re not going to have to worry about defaults, we’re not going to have to worry about government shutdowns, these guys are all grown-up, they’re adults, and that ought to be the aim.”

Indeed. That ought to be the aim.

I will be posting later this week as events unfold.

Meanwhile, I am speaking Wednesday in Bismarck at the Tribal Leaders Summit sponsored by United Tribes Technical College. I will talk about the federal government, media history, Standing Rock, and Indian Country Today’s hiatus.

Later in the week I’ll be at the Native American Journalists Association and Excellence in Journalism conference where I will be exploring journalism and the health care debate.

And, be sure to take a listen to my Trahant Reports election special for Native Voice One.  We’re now a year away from an awfully important election. — Mark Trahant

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