Planning day: Ahead of the chaos

The budget story I’d like to post around Labor Day. There will be no action until Congress returns. Lots of questions for Indian programs — especially if there is a budget. (The flip side of that is a Continuing Resolution. Or, more of the same.) Energy disruption story is long range. Reporting now.

Health care. I am looking through my notes now. This story is not over. I’ve been thinking about crafting a piece about what the Indian Health system should look like.




It seems me there ought to be a way to make the budget story compelling. There is some interesting — and dangerous stuff going on. Forget numbers. Better to tell a story.


In addition to my weekly reports, I am producing 30 minute specials for tribal radio stations. First piece I’d like to have ready for tribal radio stations.

(And of course I have academic duties & writing I need to do soon.)


— Mark

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