Indian Country politics and public policy

Commentary by Mark Trahant

The budget story I’d like to post around Labor Day. There will be no action until Congress returns. Lots of questions for Indian programs — especially if there is a budget. (The flip side of that is a Continuing Resolution. Or, more of the same.) Energy disruption story is long range. Reporting now.

Health care. I am looking through my notes now. This story is not over. I’ve been thinking about crafting a piece about what the Indian Health system should look like.




It seems me there ought to be a way to make the budget story compelling. There is some interesting — and dangerous stuff going on. Forget numbers. Better to tell a story.


In addition to my weekly reports, I am producing 30 minute specials for tribal radio stations. First piece I’d like to have ready for tribal radio stations.

(And of course I have academic duties & writing I need to do soon.)


— Mark

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