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This will be a short pitch. (Then back to regular programming.) I am looking for a few financial supporters of Trahant Reports. Well, at least, for the radio version of my commentary. Trahant Reports is a combination of my blog and a weekly commentary carried on Native Voice One. 

My goal is to write about serious policy issues that impact Indian Country. In the era of President Donald J. Trump that mission is more important than ever (and my readership numbers reflect that.)

Traffic for the blog continues to grow. A piece last week on Medicaid, for example, had some 20,000 views on Facebook, hundreds of shares, and my regular reach on Twitter now exceeds 210,000 accounts.  Apple News is another growing vehicle for Trahant Reports: People subscribe on their iPhones and see my latest work immediately.  And, most important, on top of all that, most of my readership is through other media that carry Trahant Reports as part of their report. My idea is to keep the content free (although I should mention that a couple of news organizations send a check anyway. And I am grateful for that.) A shout out to all those who share my work on social media. You have no idea how important that simple act is to spreading the word. Two interesting elements here: First, the more serious the story — such as a deep-dive on Medicaid — the bigger my readership numbers. Second, readers are fond of my early idea white boards. As soon as they are posted, folks send me follow-up ideas or suggestions.  This is cool because it’s really interactive.

So that’s the blog report.

Trahant Reports on Native Voice One is in its third year. We started as an audio web post,  then last year made the programming available to stations directly. Every Monday a new three-minute commentary is made available for tribal and community radio stations. It’s also found on iTunes and Soundcloud. I also produce special reports that are 30-minutes in length. (There is a special coming up soon on Native women running for elective offices).

This is where sponsors come in. I am looking for underwriters to help pay for this programming. Major sponsors will get a credit at the end of a show (as well as many thanks on social media).

July is my fundraising month. So I’ll make this pitch. Sponsor Trahant Reports on the radio. Thank you. Ok, now it’s back to work. I have too many stories in my head to spend much time on the financial end of this operation. I’d much rather be writing and reporting. But I figure if I don’t ask … then the answer is already no. So there, done. Pitch complete. Drop me a line if you’re interested in being an underwriter. Email:








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