Working: A few ideas on the coming federal budgets

In a few days we will see what kind of federal budgets actually surface. Right now there is a lot of posturing going on: 
— From the Trump White House that wants to shrink government dramatically.
— From agencies that want to keep as much of the funding as they have now.
— And from states. Remember state budgets must balance. So slow down of some kind (even if it’s a result of less federal funding) will have to be made up with new program cuts and taxes.

I am trying to think through how to tell this as a story for Indian Country. 
What are the impacts? How many people will lose their jobs? What’s the implication for, say, salmon when the NOAA budget is cut dramatically. Or the EPA budget for ongoing projects on tribal lands?
I am starting with a spreadsheet, a history of BIA spending.

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Mark Trahant

Mark Trahant is an independent journalist. He currently serves as the Charles R. Johnson Professor at the University of North Dakota.

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