Indian Country politics and public policy

Commentary by Mark Trahant




Trahant Reports

A few more days to go.

I have been trying to think about how can I get the word out, inform Indian Country about the policy choices ahead, and, hopefully, celebrate the record number of Native Americans who got elected.

Live from the world headquarters of Trahant Reports … (I know, it’s cool, so I just wanted to write it) I will be posting election updates on my web site, via Apple News, on Facebook and Twitter. I will also use Facebook live a few times for breaking news.

First task. The #NativeElect16 spread sheet, including graphics.

I’ll post a spreadsheet that I can update through the night as votes come in. I’ll try to keep track of what’s going on across the country and post results as they occur.

Basically I plan to keep track of the congressional candidates and then other offices as I have time. I’ll write fast.

I am planning written posts, at least three, and will have them ready late Tuesday or early Wednesday morning.

This whole enterprise would have been impossible without social media — and that’s true for both getting the word and learning new things.My office will be set up with multiple feeds, TV channels and monitors. I’ll have a screen set up just to monitor Facebook, and another screen just for Twitter.

Let me know if there is a race or special information that you’re interested in finding out about. I’ll do my best. — Mark





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