#NativeVote16 – Transparency update.



#NativeVote16 Transparency update.

I am still working off my idea list posted on Thursday with the addition of a couple of policy stories regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline. I especially want to write about water policy next.


The others on my list are more directly election related.

But first. I want to update my charts & graphics now that the primary season is over. We have a fantastic pool of candidates who will be on the November ballot. I’ll map them. I am playing around with ideas now to make the congressional data more interesting now that there are only five candidates. The sense I get after going through my spreadsheets: There is a lot of talent in Indian Country. That’s a story that needs to be told.

Thanks for reading. And especially passing along posts via social media. My blog has had extraordinary traffic this week, I’ll look through the numbers and report. — Mark


ps. I have a cool #NativeVote16 project planned for October … details soon.

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