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Commentary by Mark Trahant

Good morning. A busy week ahead (but first I am stepping away from my political writing for a couple of days to fundraise for Trahant Reports and work on an overdue paying freelance gig.

Trahant Reports posted a flurry of stories over the weekend, so there is plenty of material if you need to spend more time reading.

One lesson from last week: Readers really love graphics.

I keep telling myself that the readership of a graphic is ten or fifty times more than a written report. Last week three graphics I posted pretty much broke readership records across social media. It’s a great form of storytelling and I will work on more of then.

I am happy to report that we have a sponsor for the audio version that’s distributed via Native Voice One (NV1) The weekly commentary is free for radio stations, podcasts, web pages.

Our underwriter is Kauffman & Associates, Inc. I am sorry to say I won’t be in Spokane, but if you’re at NCAI, and a fan of Trahant Reports, please thank them.

One event that KAI is promoting is important. From KAI’s Facebook page: “There will be a special event on Wednesday that we hope you can attend. The Lucy Covington Center at Eastern Washington University (EWU) will hold a reception for tribal leaders at the National Congress of American Indians mid-year conference, at the Spokane Convention Center, Room 303A/B, at 6:30PM – 8PM, Wednesday, June 29th.”

Remember all of the content produced for Trahant Reports and ‪#‎NativeVote16‬ is free use. So share, post, reuse, publish, or even print. I now consider this election to be the Year of the Native Candidate because of the quantity and quality of candidates across the country.

Back to it. Thanks.


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