#NativeVote16 – Denise Juneau’s video tour of Montana’s tribes


Denise Juneau has been on the road in her bid for Congress. And her video log captures the beauty and the spirit of Montana’s tribal communities.

“I recently visited Montana’s seven Indian reservations and spoke with members of all 12 tribes,” Juneau posted on her Facebook page. “When I’m in Congress, you can count on me to fight to protect treaty rights, improve health care, housing and basic services. When I’m in Congress, all Montanans will have a voice.”

Juneau is Mandan, Hidatsa and of Blackfeet descent. She is running for Montana’s sole House seat. (Previous: “Denise Juneau: It’s really great to be here.”) Juneau has already won statewide office as the state Superintendent of Public Instruction.

This video represents what is so cool about our political discourse today. During the era of big media, think television, no candidate could have afforded a “commercial” directed at Native American audiences. But now you can. And it’s media that’s propelled forward when thousands of people share that message on Facebook or via other social media networks.

— Mark Trahant

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Mark Trahant

Mark Trahant is an independent journalist. He currently serves as the Charles R. Johnson Professor at the University of North Dakota.

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