#NativeVote16 – Tawna Sanchez pulls ahead in Oregon House race

Tawna Sanchez pulls into the lead to represent Oregon’s 43rd Legislative district in Portland. (Campaign photo)

Every vote counts. Count every vote.


Tawna Sanchez is now in the lead, by a little more than one-half of one percent, in her bid for a seat in the Oregon Legislature.

The Secretary of State reported a shift in the lead after 4 pm on Wednesday after more mail-in ballots were counted; then at 7:57 pm, when a new batch was counted, that lead was confirmed.

On Facebook, Sanchez posted:  “Sorry to all of my peeps that I haven’t been giving you the play by play updates of the day. But the short version is that we are still in the middle of the closest race in Oregon – and we are winning!”

She said the county reports a batch of at least 25,000 ballots that still need to be counted and that could result in another 2,000 votes in the 43rd district. — Mark Trahant

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