#NativeVote16 – Correction: Native American citizens in Nevada’s 4th congressional district


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I have been misstating the percentage of American Indian voters in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District. The official Census number is 1.06 percent, but that figure only uses the “one race” identifier and it’s far lower than what tribes cite as their population of tribal membership. Indeed, other databases say that American Indians are nearly 2 percent of the population, 1.97 percent. But even that figure might be low. There are 86,000 people in the district who told Census that they are “two or more races.” (That would total about 12 percent of the district.) There is really no way to break down that member in terms of how many tribal members . But the percentage I used is clearly overstated. So from now on I’ll use the figure of 2 percent for Native Americans in Nevada’s 4th congressional district.


— Mark Trahant




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