#NativeVote16 – Plan for next few weeks





A holiday weekend update, housekeeping.

My plan is to produce a book in January that will serve as a guide to the elections for Indian Country. The rough outline is posted above, but I am refining a couple of the chapters. One thought: If I can find a sponsor of some kind, I could make the publication free. That will certainly easily work with an online edition, and, perhaps I can  find a way to give away free copies at major conferences.

Also new material today. My latest social media graphic, looking at traffic for #NativeVote16. The goal of this project is to measure interest in the election from those using #NativeVote16 hashtag.

Finally, posting later today, this week’s column. I am writing about climate change as an election issue.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing. And please send election ideas my way.







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