#NativeVote16 – Draft spreadsheet of elected Native officials

This chart is not finished. I need add a location to every name so that I can geocode and make the map. I also don’t have every person’s tribal affiliation, photograph, and links to their web sites.

But …

I thought I would post now so that people can send me more names. Once this chart is completed, I will work on a similar list for mayors, city councils and school boards.

I should note: The primary source for state legislative offices is the Native American Caucus of the National Conference of State Legislators.

Native American elected officials 2015 –

Senator John McCoy, D-Tulalip, from Washington state.


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4 thoughts on “#NativeVote16 – Draft spreadsheet of elected Native officials”

  1. Hi, Mark
    Here are affiliations of Alaska Native state legislators:

    Bryce Edgmon, Dillingham – Not sure – Bristol Bay area Natives used to be called Aleuts before anthropologists said Yup’ik was more accurate. Now I see Bristol Bay area Natives described as “Yup’ik, Aleut, and Athabascan.” You can check with his staff at 907.269.0275, or press@housemajority.org

    Neal Foster, Inupiaq (Nome)

    Sam Kito, III, Tlingit (Juneau)

    Benjamin Nageak, Inupiaq (Barrow)

    Lyman Hoffman, Yup’ik (Bethel)

    Donald Olson, Inupiaq (Nome)

    If you want to find out where they’re enrolled (in a federally recognized tribe), you’d have to contact their staff.
    I hope you’re doing well there in Dakota country! Sorry I missed your session at Elders and Youth –I heard good things about it from a couple of people.

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