#NativeVote16 – Housekeeping notes: Reworking blog framework, readership and more


Behind the scenes. More housekeeping to start the week.

I am working on a few changes to TrahantReports.com

First, I am adding a new page for press releases and other election-related material. My idea is to make Trahant Reports a catch all for anything related to politics and Indian Country. 

Second, I am working on a distinct page just for spreadsheets and other data. A Native Elections Data Center. Working now on a nationwide graphic that looks at Native American vote by state and congressional district. 

Third, my blogging software does not work well with interactive features. I like the idea of graphics that are simple and interactive. I am using wordpress.com for the theme and hosting it on GoDaddy. I understand if I move the host to wordpress.org, then I can get plug-ins for interactive features.
Story-wise: I think I’ll start posting a list of ideas to show what’s ahead. 

We’re less than 90 days away from first presidential vote and at the point where lots of candidates for Congress, state legislatures, are gearing up.

— Mark
(P.S. I am still experimenting with distribution methods, a mix of blogging, social media, and working with traditional news organizations. Two of last week’s posts, Denise Juneau and Canadian cabinet will have a direct social media readership of at least 10,000 each. Juneau’s story has 409 shares on Facebook. So far. That’s pretty cool. Thank you.)

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