New project: The People’s House: Native Americans, Congress and data

This week I am teaching map making in my reporting class. As I was thinking through how to do that, I was thinking, “I ought to build a map.” What kind of map? Well, it would be cool to show where every American Indian or Alaska Native is running for office. At the federal level, Senate and House, at the state level, legislatures, and important offices, such as city councils or state superintendent of public instruction.
I’ll do this both in map form and build a graphic table.

As I have written before: Congressional parity would mean at least 7 House seats plus two in the Senate.

So … please send data. If you know someone running for office, send me a note, a tweet, or post a comment on Facebook.

Also hat tip to the Indigenous Politics Blog. I liked the data reports during Canada’s recent elections. It’s time to try that in the U.S.

For federal offices, this is what I have so far.


Joe Patookas, Democrat.


Potential. Denise Juneau, Democrat.


Shawn Redd, Republican,


Tom Cole, Republican.

Markwayne Mullins, Republican.

Now a pitch: Send data. Tips, spreadsheets, the works. (Or leave a reply.)


Thank you.


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One thought on “New project: The People’s House: Native Americans, Congress and data”

  1. Is anyone mentioned California? I am in Gerber, Can & if I could get any resources here I’d love to be involved & the amount if data I’ve collected researching my native tribe is what I’ve been trying to get State & Federal attention the localization of the butt hole country is using a report I discovered called Climate Population Survey aka CPS to repeatedly encriminate or disable me. I have been trying to get a network connection here to give this place a more accessible service. And with a global network all over it’s hard not to feel discriminated against. My mail, my phones, internet is all redirected. And the circus of idiots all participating in these games of enterprise no one know about, everyone focused on me & it took a while to notice, but there all slanderous & cruel I am afraid to do anything. I contacted the Bureau of Labor Statistics applying for the displaced worker or domestic violence for economic and financial abuse. I’m in a transparent hell of my own reality that nobody seems to have a clue is a State in reality. Ishi is historical icon here & my ancestors voices are all I’ve used to stand between 2 fires. I think a light is being hidden inside a transparent hillbilly farmers with a history of shameful acts on our people.

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